Tuesday, August 29, 2017

#DIY30, Day 5: The Dung Knight

5th) Write a Bug Knight class for the system of your choice. 

From Hollow Knight
Hit dice: d12
Saves: As fighter
To hit bonus: As fighter
XP: As dwarf
Weapons and Armor: None, see below

Tally ho! It's time for a new #DIY30 post! 

Few are called to be a Dung Knight. It is a duty that lesser bugmen find difficult to shoulder. They must flinch at no stench, stand above no mess, do the jobs that others find impossible! Their honor must be spotless, their words pure, their actions heroic - for if the keepers of nightsoil cannot find it in themselves to give a shit, who will?

Carapace: The Dung Knight’s mighty shell provides protection equivalent to plate armor. They cannot wear any additional armor or doff their shell. They sink like stones in water and require either aid or two turns to recover from being knocked prone.

Dung Ball: The Dung Knight’s mighty weapon is a compacted ball of feces and dirt, dealing 1d8 damage. The dung ball begins with a range of 60’, increasing by 10’ with each level past 1. The dung ball will burst on impact, and it takes a full movement action to roll up a new dung ball.

  • Packing: The dung ball does an additional point of damage for every turn spent rolling it about.
  • Ricochet: Upon hitting a target, the dung ball has a 1-in-6 chance of remaining intact and bouncing of for the remainder of its range. This chance increases by 1 every level until it is guaranteed.

The Smell of Victory: A Dung Knight will always smell of his craft. He won’t notice it, but everyone else will.

From Kingdom Death

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