Sunday, December 12, 2021

7 New Backgrounds for Mothership, Plus Inventories

Anthony Weatherson

I still don't like having to come up with skill packages and stat bonuses for MoSh classes, so I didn't include them. I'll update my classless chargen when I have my hands on 1e.


Intermediary between the world of flesh and metal with the innumerable ainima that live in the digital ether. Mendicants beholden to no corporate authority or protocol, only the great Open Source that upholds all things.

  1. Insulated schema robes, black with gold circuitry. (1 Armor)
  2. Personal deck and tablet (hand-built, open-source programs in accordance with the Stack)
  3. Fresh pack of incense sticks
  4. Arc-crosier (produces a modulated EMP)
  5. Lacquered alms-bowl + bamboo flute
  6. Ainima quick-reference identification chart
  7. Choral sheet music (Turingsmass hymns)
  8. Box lunch (bento)
  9. Tengai basket (includes vocoder and internal HUD)
  10. "Hard exit" portable drive (one-time computer-kill)
  11. "Sign of peace" handshake protocol module
  12. Book: Yokai of the High Frontier
  13. Energy drink 6-pack (Pineapple-durian flavor)

Nun with a Gun

The flesh is bound only through the presence of a soul in unity with the great design of the cosmos. Should the binding slip, the soul prove unfit, then the flesh shall deteriorate, return to its primordial inchoate mass and gnash with slavering maws at the roots of the universe. Where your sisters do their part praying in the cloister or ministering to the vulnerable, you have a large gun and shoot flesh monsters with it. 

  1. Powered armor + everyday habit
  2. Missal, annotated with study notes.
  3. Anointing oil, vial
  4. Flamethrower (sanctioned and licensed)
  5. Light machine gun (Seraph XII model)
  6. Pyx containing nodule of [DEFILED FLESH] (Can detect presence of the Demiurge)
  7. Ecstatic Communion Module
  8. Cord rosary (handmade, a gift from mentor-sister)
  9. Liquid food packet (spicy gumbo)
  10. Comfortable, weatherproof cloak (Icon of the 14 Watchers)
  11. Mark of the atum (forehead)
  12. Handheld video game console (second hand)
  13. Letter of introduction, signed by the Mother Superior (forged)


Productive interaction with a truly alien mind is impossible without assistance. The Overminds knew this, and reached out to humanity using proxies made in our image, and humanity followed suit by making their own. Through this narrow corridor of interspecies telephone, the wants and desires of the powers that be can be can be shared. Violence, averted.

  1. Fancy suit (formal occasions only)
  2. Stress toy (squishy space shuttle)
  3. Corp-issued tablet (contains WIP drafts of white paper and fantasy novel)
  4. Granted neural link compatible with local Overmind.
  5. Custom morph (Proxy)
  6. Dietary supplements
  7. Care package from home.
  8. Decorative woven shawl (gift from Overmind-side proxies)
  9. Board game: Eld Lords of Zetakrom Prime
  10. Catalog for the colony commissary.
  11. Pet plant (alien, carnivorous, affectionate)
  12. NDA (enforceable through violence)
  13. Contact info for a "good friend"


The boom-bust cycle of Rim colonization has given rise to a class of mercenary survivalist: wandering guns-for-hire that make their living on the margins between syndicates, corporations, and the struggling independent polities. Tendency towards esoteric religion.

  1. Duster jacket, colorful headscarf, shady hat, protective goggles
  2. Tattoos marking family affiliation
  3. Unidentifiable grilled meat, onna stick
  4. Grip-gloves (black)
  5. Long rifle (bolt action, wooden stock with kill notches)
  6. Heavy revolver (military surplus with aftermarket mods)
  7. Desalination canteen
  8. Portable solar charger
  9. Good-favor token (Panan Shō syndicate)
  10. Booklet found at the train station (We Need Pax Klanq)
  11. Packet of contraband, wrapped in butcher paper (banned literature and an ampule of angeldown)
  12. Compact mechanist's toolkit
  13. DIY mini-spiderbot

Corporate Inquisitor

Account books audited. Contractor performance reviewed. Contracts notarized. Quality maintained. Hierarchy upheld. Irregularities dealt with. Subversive elements eliminated. Obstacles liquidated. The Board's in their Heaven, all is right with the worlds.

  1. Menacing robes and hat (black and red)
  2. Pistol (collapsible, auto-disposal module)
  3. Scary reflective Alucard-ass glasses
  4. Signet ring (Full authorization under both Office of New Religious Movements and Alliance Trade Investigations Bureau)
  5. Cyberbrain-cracker (single-use)
  6. Encrypted tablet with direct line to regional headquarters
  7. Local copy of debt and thoughtcrime registry
  8. Blackmail material against multiple disruptive NRM leaders
  9. Sphinx Salt injector (clear and protect against mental influence, greatly increase observational awareness)
  10. Android command codes, memorized (for standard CTA operating systems)
  11. Eidetic recording suite (half hour of sight and sound playback)
  12. Takeout container of red curry and rice
  13. Sliver of alien nanotech in diamondoid case, recovered on-site


There's a feral child in the maintenance crawlspace. Stowed away when you stopped for maintenance on some shithole rim world. Calls herself a "biggabad killa", keeps threatening to "shanka guts" and "droppa kill choppa deelucks on tha". Steals food from the mess, makes a horrible racket like a cornered cat when anyone tries to get her out of the vents. Really just a scared, traumatized kid.

  1. Patchy jumpsuit (orange)
  2. Barcode tattoo (forehead and back of right hand)
  3. Knife (shard of scrap metal)
  4. Knife (bone)
  5. Plush unicorn, limp-necked and dirty
  6. Hide satchel
  7. Unidentifiable jerky (3 small servings)
  8. Plastic water bottle on a string
  9. Assorted flowers, feathers, small bones, bits of string, pebbles
  10. 1/2 pack of matches, handful of cigarettes
  11. Rag bandana, red paisley.
  12. Molotov cocktail.

Alien Footsoldier

One of the anonymous underclass that carries the alien war machine on their shoulders. Handed a gun and armor valued more than their life and thrown at the enemy without preparation or training. Stripped of all rights, culture, dignity and hope - and yet they endure. The song-paths are still sung. The glacial bureaucracy has its eyes focused elsewhere. Who is to miss the lowest of the low when they don't return from the battlefield? They were never expected to anyway.

  1. Armor harness + breathing apparatus
  2. Plasma sidearm (75% charge)
  3. Two plasma grenades (likely duds)
  4. Dextro-amino pemmican cakes
  5. Picture-book: The Great Benefits of Adherence to Our Unswerving Caste System and the Unity It Provides Us
  6. Restraint collar (broken, forcibly removed)
  7. Grease-pencil sketch of creche mates
  8. Biochem adaptation injections
  9. Oral history (Southern Great Green Lake Region)
  10. Humanitarian aid blanket
  11. Resident alien documentation
  12. Six-stone-game set, makeshift


  1. I do love me some 13-item inventories

  2. these are super good

    ainima is a fun word

  3. Do I detect some Caves of Qud references

  4. These are so good. The inventories are so good. Thank you.

  5. I do really like them. Corporate Inquisitor is a such good, setting-forming-world-defining concept in particular.

  6. Beautiful, especially the implied stories of the Nun w/ Gun and the Alien Footsoldier.

    Sphinx Salts and Angeldown are good worldbuilding.

    Carvergirls in this setting are a fearsome note. What remarkable things have they been forced to butcher?