Saturday, September 25, 2021

100 Quick Sci-Fi Locations

Quick, Where Are We? (d100)

  1. A crossroads, a place where all peoples come and go
  2. A left-behind place, an abandoned place, a hopeless place
  3. Brightness, colorful, advancement, technology.
  4. Loud, obnoxious, superficial, the domain of fools.
  5. A secluded citadel up on a snowy peak.
  6. An overcrowded and polluted arcology undercity.
  7. Jungles overflowing with an abundance of life.
  8. Desolate wind-bitten ice fields.
  9. Arcology pyramids in orderly rows under a grey sky.
  10. Suffocating, toxic atmosphere. A pressurized hellscape.
  11. A grand basilica under twin dim suns.
  12. A collapsing temple on an overgrown hill.
  13. Flowers as far as you can see. Red yellow pink purple blue
  14. Black-leaved steppe under a dim red sun.
  15. Shipyard orbiting a scenic molten moon.
  16. A minor moon, currently strip-mined for habitat material.
  17. Recently-rediscovered heavyworld colony.
  18. A gas giant to dwarf Jupiter, ready to transform into a brown dwarf.
  19. A lonely asteroid with a single permanent inhabitant.
  20. A tin-can habitat around a frozen rogue planet.
  21. Fifteen ring habitats, stacked atop each other on a column
  22. A new private bernal sphere: the interior is not yet revealed.
  23. Bubble habitats in the placid upper clouds of an ice giant.
  24. Barely breathable greenhouse world, heavy with carcinogens.
  25. The arcology plazas are filled with public executions.
  26. Fungal-crusted penal colony declaring independence from its wardens
  27. Domes were breached, safeguards failed, all hands lost.
  28. A vibrant place, once; left behind to decay by economic upheaval.
  29. A young, watery world on the cusp of biogenesis.
  30. Autonomous cluster of orbital tax havens and aidvertising hubs.
  31. Kowloon hive-favela below a crumbling alien citadel.
  32. Premade plastic shacks on the shores of a sulfuric sea.
  33. A tether-city 25000 miles long, tying two iceteroids together.
  34. A vibrant life-bearer, untouched for its crushing gravity.
  35. A mountain so high it breaches its own atmosphere.
  36. A fallow world burnt beneath three bright suns
  37. Falling apart from a recent, terrible impact.
  38. Alternating layers of ice and ocean, each with its own biosphere.
  39. Tropical paradise, shallow seas, motile islands, coral reefs.
  40. Sun-baked desert, deep canyons with bright billion-year layer stripes.
  41. Atmosphere dregs trapped at the bottom of dried oceans.
  42. A long-established surveillance state habitat.
  43. A barren rock, but given time, it will be made Eden.
  44. A dark mirror of Earth; enticing, invasive, all-consuming in its danger.
  45. Dome city with a glitched / hacked sky.
  46. Poisoned, polluted, overcrowded shithole, in a valley ringed by atmo converters.
  47. Desert. nothing but wind farms and solar panels as far as one can see.
  48. Fungal forest. Night Black with splashes of violet phosphorescence.
  49. Dome city with picturesque rolling countryside inside, airless waste without.
  50. Arcology - offputting angles and unintuitive layout.
  51. Miles and miles and miles of urban in-fill.
  52. Jagged volcanic ridges, black stone under snow.
  53. Subterranean city - clean, well organized, suspiciously empty.
  54. Subterranean city - haphazard, mismatched expansions by different patrons.
  55. O'Neill cylinder - overwrought gothic-baroque nonsense.
  56. Dome - sterile, labyrinthine, uncannily artifical.
  57. Ocean world - floating city. Canals and brightly painted homes.
  58. Dome - terraced farms in a sealed-over canyon.
  59. Vertical city in an ice-core drill shaft.
  60. Pleasant upper-class colony run by androids.
  61. Subaquatic - coral reef, cambrian explosion, watch the fish-analogs beyond the glass.
  62. Station - old, industrial, stripping yard for derelicts.
  63. Skyscrapers form mountains and canyons.
  64. Open savanna, megafauna included.
  65. Station - overrun with childrens' neogenic companion monsters.
  66. Ocean world - tidal power generation station hub.
  67. Research aerostat on a hothouse world. life below?
  68. Trees pink like cotton candy, deadly even to touch.
  69. Domed-over crater lake. Say there's a monster in it.
  70. Terraforming is breaking down here, decaying. The sweet smell of rot.
  71. Luxury restuaraunt overlooking captive proles in the entertainment center.
  72. Space elevator in the center of contested territory.
  73. Dome - inexpertly filled with plastic grass and vinyl trees.
  74. Station - enormous outer system telescope hub.
  75. Station - built like a barnacle on top of a bigger structure.
  76. Temporary shelters at a xenopaleontological dig site.
  77. Comm station around a rogue gas giant.
  78. Mind-upload server bank on a Titantian world.
  79. Von-neumann city, midway through eating an asteroid.
  80. Dyson tree orbiting a brown dwarf.
  81. Low-gravity tower-forest
  82. O'Neill - upper class suburbs, bouzhis just moving in, plastic on furniture.
  83. Station - cramped corridors, stale air.
  84. Subaquatic - built on the underside of a global ice sheet.
  85. Maintenance station for data transfer relay.
  86. Station - food production cluster.
  87. Ocean world - black sand beaches, scattered volcanic archipelagos.
  88. Grid of strip mines and mass drivers.
  89. Dome - small town, open war zone.
  90. O'Neill - nature preserve, old Earth habitat.
  91. Maintenance undercity for palatial C-level estate.
  92. Ancient, repurposed colony ship.
  93. In the ruins of a vanished seedship culture.
  94. Dome - corny amusement / re-enactment park.
  95. Honeycombed asteroid free port.
  96. Ocean world - oxygenating algae dispersal station.
  97. Station - historic quarter of old orbital port.
  98. O'Neill - AI-run human zoo.
  99. Bubble city - turbulent winds of a gas giant.
  100. Station buried inside shepherd moon of a ringed giant.


  1. I really like these random tables. Great for when ya' just don't have an idea at the moment.

  2. The world needs more d100 tables. Really just more tables in general.

    1. Thankfully, they are something I can consistently provide.

  3. Beautifully evocative. I'll be using this for sure. My players have just found an ancient jump gate with undecipherable labels. I had some encounters ready but they needed gorgeous backdrops.