Tuesday, July 20, 2021

SlushPile 8.5: Bookmark Special

I have, as one might expect, a considerable number of bookmarked pages. Here are some of the most useful / interesting / novel / enjoyable of those.


Game Resources

Artvee - High quality, easily-searchable public domain art.

10 Parsec Star Map - Additional maps by same creator can be found here.

2D Star Map - I like the one above better, but this one has hexes!

Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator - A gift that keeps on giving.

Moon, Minor Planet, and Constellation Symbols - Symbols for moons of the solar system all the non-zodiac constellations. Public domain!

generated.photos - Algorithm-generated human mugshots.

500 Fantasy Character Portrait Icons - All made using Artbreeder, and thus free to use.

300 OSR-ified Pathfinder monsters  - Just so.

500 level-less spells - via Ten Foot Polemic

Colors of Alien Skies

Colors of Alien Plants

Old Book Illustrations - Public domain.

Jalopy Design: Making a Zine - David Schirduan swoops in with helpful advice for beginners. 

Inventing Names - Handy tips from Luka Rejec

The Phrontistery Dictionary of Unusual Words - For when you want to sound like Gene Wolfe.

Map to Globe - Takes a map, puts it on a globe

Lady of Hats' fantasy art - Public domain!

Hex-a-Day - Three huge hexmaps

Manyfold Theory of RPGs - via Levi Kornelson

Mothership Character Generator - via Tarsos' Theorem

Wikipedia's list of titles

Draw all roads in a city at once - If you are running EE, you need this.

Diagrams.net / draw.io - the most useful thing on this list, bar none.

Town and Settlement Rules - via Pilgrim's Temple





Best of kudasai

Windows XP theme but it's an rpg soundtrack 

LOST LULLABIES (Samurai Champloo unreleased tracks) 



A description of the implied politics of Hell

The comedy gold of medieval mystery plays 

How to Downsize a Transport Network: the Chinese Wheelbarrow 

On Eowyn and the Witch King

On the history of firefighting in Japan 

The Space Strike 

SBFP Intro Montage / Tribute 

AI tries to start a novel 


Reverse Dictionary - Search for words by their definitions.

Conlang Speedrun Challenge

Leia Organa: A Critical Obituary

Bayeux Tapestry Generator - What it says on the tin.

Forgotten Female Fantasy - As the tagline on the site says "reviewing vintage woman-authored SFF". it's great stuff - hidden gems and horrible pitfalls alike.

Standard Ebooks - Public domain ebooks

Inexorable (Taylor Leong) - A short comic about Narnia, and the god named Tash.

Thirty Years (Taylor Leong)

Behold! The weird fucked-up cold-blooded cave goat!

AI Generated Cat Names 

Photorealistic Roman emperors 

Economy is not science

Look just watch Dorohedoro already

Radiation-eating fungus as space habitat shielding 


Twitter Threads

The saga of Matt

Medieval theologians were very concerned about cannibal babies 

Stock photo business skeleton man 

The evolution of life in an infinite McDonalds 

Assyrian dog statues

The single most important piece of games criticism 

Bloody Thursday and the Longshoreman's Union

Xu Bing's Square Word Calligraphy 

Irish bhangra dancers (morale booster!)

The tale of Othin (illustrated 100 Year Old Vampire game) 

Goya paintings scarier than Saturn Devouring His Son

DMC5, but with Spongebob music 

The silent disco (elysium) BBQ 

The cast of Hades as RPG players

Midwest gothic

Space maps! 


  1. I am pretty sure all these links are good, if I missed any let me know.

  2. Now there's how you make a useable slush pile, excellent

  3. I tried to automated the Genetic Tarot a while ago. Needs more nuance, but the basics are there - https://slightadjustments.blogspot.com/p/genetic-tarot.html

  4. Holy crap I can't wait to go through every one of these

  5. All of these are gold. Ironically, this post is now itself bookmarked.

  6. "Photorealistic Roman emperors," links to the Hades cast as players, but otherwise this is all fantastic. Love it.