Sunday, September 27, 2020

Class: Gun-Saint of An-Hehm



By Beholster eye, Dragun tooth
Gungeon wind do whisper one truth


These are the words of the first Gun-Saint, passed down through the ages from blackened lip to deafened ear. Know this well, for it is the tripartite formula of God.

The chambers and firing ranges of their monastarmories are ever home to those men and women who have become priests of the parish of black powder.

Their sanctuary is the foxhole, their flock is the platoon, their sermon travels at 853.4 meters per second.

Flesh & Grit: d6 Flesh, d8 Grit
Saves & XP: As Mystic

Improved Accuracy – Gun-Saints have an attack bonus equal to their level.

Combat Maneuvers - Gun-Saints can Aim, Fight Recklessly, Fight Defensively, Go For The Kill, and Provide Covering Fire without penalty.

Guns Akimbo – A Gun-Saint can wield two one-handed weapons with no penalty to hit. This does not grant an additional attack per turn.

Starting Items: Firearm of choice. 1 standard ammunition. 1 special ammunition. 1 standard grenade, Reinforced Schema Habit (light armor)

Tinnitus and Other Hearing Damage: You're almost, but not quite, entirely deaf by this point.

The Leaden Sacraments

Gun-Saints undergoing their muninitiations gain access to a new sacrament with each level.
  • Sacrament 1: Nimblefingers – You may reload a weapon or change its ammo type without spending a turn by switching to a different weapon. 
  • Sacrament 2: Quick Draw - With a successful DEX check, you can make your attack first during combat, regardless of initiative or surprise.
  • Sacrament 3: The Coat of Arms – Store up to character level firearms and reloads in your clothing without encumbrance.
  • Sacrament 4: Clicka Clack Bang Bang -You may make two attacks per turn.
  • Sacrament 5: The Magic Bullet – Will instantly kill the individual whose full name is inscribed upon it, should it hit. Takes up 1 equipment slot and can only be removed if fired. A new bullet cannot be engraved until your next level up.
  • Sacrament 6: The Golden Gun - A +4 pistol. It cannot use special ammo, but if it hits it will always damage Flesh directly.

Weapons & Ammo

Several of these were stolen from Swords and Scrolls

Base Weapons

  • Pistol - d8 damage. Can be used in melee combat.
  • Rifle - d10 damage. Can be used as a melee weapon with -2 to hit.
  • Shotgun - d12 damage. Can attack 2 adjacent enemies, splitting damage between them.
  • Sniper - d12 damage. -4 to hit when not used with Aim.
  • Grenade - d12 damage, no to-hit roll (save for half damage), area of effect, one use.

Ammo Tags
  • Standard - Default, no special properties. Always available to purchase.
  • Blessed - Double damage to demons etc.
  • Cold Iron - Double damage to fairies etc.
  • Anathema - Double damage to angels etc.
  • Exotic Matter - Double damage to ghosts etc, no damage to material foes.
  • Flechette - Can attack 2 adjacent enemies, splitting damage between them. If applied to a shotgun, both targets take full damage.
  • Needler - Ignores armor, decrease damage die by 1 stage.
  • Incendiary - Target must Save vs Hazards or be set alight. +1d4 bonus damage.
  • Foam - Expands and hardens. Save vs hazards or immobilized.
  • Hypervelocity - +2 damage, enemies gain no AC bonus from cover.
  • Beam - +2 to hit, rendered ineffective by smoke or fog.
  • Plasma - Damage is split between Flesh/Grit and AC reduction.


  1. At least two other gun-cleric classes exist, to my knowledge. I am just slow.

    1. Yours has the coolest art, though. And the best flavor text.

    2. For a moment I was worried that I wouldn't be able to find the source, it'd been reposted on funnkyjunk a billion times.

  2. It's just so... *purple*. I love it!