Sunday, September 9, 2018

Super Smash Classics!

Everyone is here!
I recently discovered (and then ran a session of) Judge James' Disney Crawl Classics. I loved the idea of backgrounds-as-characters, so here's my take on it, which conveniently fulfills a secondary purpose of fulfilling a lot of accumulated "what if X was in Smash".

All those indie games ported to the Switch really helped matters.

A Challenger Approaches!Trained WeaponTrade Good
1) MarioHammer (d6)Weird Mushroom
2) Donkey KongFist (d8)Bongos
3) LinkSword (d8)Glider
4) SamusCharge Shot (d6)Grapple Beam
5) YoshiEgg (d4)Annoying Baby
6) KirbyInhale (I)Strawberry Cake
7) FoxBlaster (d6)Reflector
8) PikachuThunderbolt (d6)Lucha Mask
9) LuigiVacuum Cleaner (II)Captured Ghost
10) NessBaseball Bat (d6)Yo-yo
11) Captain FalconFalcon Punch (d6)Racing trophy
12) JigglypuffMicrophone (d3)Permanent Marker
13) PeachUmbrella (d4)Basket of Radishes
14) BowserClaw (d8)Snazzy Tuxedo
15) Ice ClimbersMallet (d6)Comfy Parka
16) SheikThrowing Needles (d4)Smoke Bomb x3
17) ZeldaLight Arrows (d8)Shekiah Slate
18) Dr. MarioScalpel (d4)Bottle of Pills
19) PichuShock (d4)Stylish Goggles
20) FalcoBlaster (d6)Injured Pride
21) MarthRapier (d6)Wedding Dress
22) Young LinkShortsword (d6)Ocarina
23) GanondorfSword (d10)Horse
24) MewtwoPsychic Crush (d6)Dark Pokeball
25) RoySword (d8)Spare Bandana
26) Mr. Game & WatchHammer (d6)Juggling Balls
27) Meta KnightBarbed Sword (d8)Shadowy Cloak
28) PitBow (d6)Eggplant
29) Zero Suit SamusStunner (III)Hi-Jump Boots
30) WarioPipe (d6)Bag of Garlic
31) SnakeSilenced Pistol (d8)Cardboard Box
32) IkeGreatsword (d10)Tattered Cape
33) Pokemon TrainerThe Team (IV)Rare Candy
34) Diddy KongPeanut Popgun (d6)Jump-Pack x3
35) LucasPK Spark (d6)Snake Whip
36) SonicSpindash (d4)Chili Dog
37) King DededeGreathammer (d10)Waddle-dee x3
38) OlimarPikmin (V)Whistle
39) LucarioAura Punch (d6)Focus Sash
40) R.O.B.Laser Eye (d8)Hover Jets
41) Toon LinkShortsword (d6)Chu Jelly
42) WolfClaw (d4)Scouter
43) VillagerAxe (d6)Butterfly Net
44) Mega ManMega Buster (d4)Energy Tank
45) Wii Fit TrainerYoga (d6)Granola & Yogurt
46) RosalinaWand (d4)Luma follower
49) Little MacBoxing Gloves (d6)Water Bottle
50) GreninjaAqua Jet (d6)Mystic Water
51) Mii FighterGeneric Weapon (d6)Strange Face
52) PalutenaStaff (d4)Mirrored Shield
53) PAC-MANFist (d3)Power Pill x1
54) RobinSword (d8)Book of Magic Lore
55) ShulkMonado (d10)She-Hulk Comic
56) Bowser JrBomb (d10)Propeller Chair
57) Duck Hunt DogBite (d6)Brace of ducks
58) RyuFists (d8)Duffel Bag
59) CloudBuster Sword (d10)Pretty Dress
60) CorrinSword (d8)Fire Paper
61) BayonettaPSR&T (d8)Lollipop Stash
62) InklingSplatgun (d6)Paintbucket
63) RidleyClaw (d10)Metroid in a Jar
64) Simon BelmontWhip (d6)Holy Water
65) King K. RoolCannon (d10)Stolen Bananas
66) Dixie KongElectric Guitar (d6)Glider Ponytail
67) Shovel KnightShovel (d8)Fishing Rod
68) SolaireLightning Spear (d8)Estus Flask
69) BlobespierreTwin Daggers (d4)Spider Rune
70) The KnightNail (d6)Dreamnail
71) ReynauldGreatsword (d10)Battle Standard
72) Wonder RedUnite Hand (d8)Unsold Game Disks
73) GuzmaFist (d3)Sunglasses
74) Monster HunterInsect Glaive (d8)Nullberry
75) Travis TouchdownBeam Katana (d8)Body Pillow
76) TerraRapier (d6)Ether Potion
77) NekuAttack Pin (d4)Fashionable Outfit
78) CadenceShovel (d8)Heavy Gloves
79) IsaacKitchen Knife (d4)Guppy's Corpse
80) LinkleCrossbow (d6)Golden Butterfly
81) ImpaGiant Sword (d10)Silk Rope 50'
82) The KidHammer (d8)Bull Brandy
83) AmaterasuSolar Disk (d8)Fertile Feet
84) IsabelleAccount Book (d3)Pot of Coffee
85) MidnaShadow Hand (d6)Cool Helmet
86) ChronoSword (d8)Hair Gel
87) ShanoaSpear (d8)Back Tattoo
88) Chun-LiMighty Thews (d8)INTERPOL Badge
89) TingleSack of Rupees (d3)Balloon
90) UrbosaScimitar (d8)Thunder Helmet
91) Prince SidonTrident (d8)Fish Stew
92) Dark SamusPhazon Blast (d10)Ingling Servant
93) RookAxe (d6)Token from Odd
94) H'aanitBow (d6)Snow Leopard
95) Captain ToadShroom Cutter (d3)Headlamp
96) Rabbid PeachBlaster (d6)Smart Phone
97) Shield KnightShield (d6, +1 AC)Cursed Amulet
98) AshleyWand (d4)Creepy Stuffed Bear
99) Doom SlayerShotgun (d12)Action Figure
100) WaluigiTennis Racket (d4)Mustache Wax

(I)Successful attack roll gains you the target's weapon.
(II) No damage, but can immobilize an enemy smaller than you.
(III) Target must make FORT save or be stunned for a turn. Always does 1 damage.
(IV) Squirtle (d6), Ivysaur (d6), and Charizard (d8) - one out at a time, takes turn to switch.
(V) Damage die is randomly selected per attack. d4 (1-3) d6 (4-6) d8 (7-9) d10 (10)


  1. The Dead Cells guy does not, apparently, have a proper name. Blobespierre is a gag too good to let go, though.

    1. And they used it in a dev update, good enough for me.

  2. I'm not sure I totally get what this is about, but I've always wanted to do a Mario or Smash Bros. game!

    1. Level 0 characters in DCC start with a weapon, a trade good, a random item, and that's it save their stats and d4 HP. You could plug this table right into Starless Sea.