Friday, July 7, 2017

Easy Family Trees

+Skerples asked me to do this.

Simply roll a d2 to determine which table you’re on, and then a d12 for your family circumstances.

A note: the family trees presented do not include everyone in your character’s entire extended family (I'm not writing out all of those cousins!), just the ones that are immediately important. You might also notice a few that you recognize, and you could obviously tweak whichever elements you see fit.

Click on the pictures to expand them. They are a bit huge, so as to make printing and making family tree cards to hand out to players easy.

Table 1

Table 2


  1. These were quite fun to do, spent a nice afternoon at the library churning them out.

  2. These are great. Going to use them for my next campaign.

  3. Is that Oedipus I see there?