Wednesday, May 4, 2022

MSF: A Psalm of Wrath

Mother of Many, hear us

Lend us your spear and your strong arm

Strike like the thunder, Father of Us All

For now no longer is the time for the gentle hand

Our enemies bear down upon us

We are beset on all sides

With sword and shackle they strike at us

They trample the poor underfoot

They reject their kin-bonds and consult with demons

They lay waste to the land

Scornful of the Folk and our compacts with the Peoples

Like ghouls they devour us

Cracking our bones with their teeth

That they might grow fat with our pain

We call to you, Broad-Shouldered Lu

We call for your aid, Tubalkhan of Many Labors

For it is known that you smite the wicked

It is known that you drive them to the edge of the world

It is known that you hear the cries of the suffering

It is known that none among the peoples goes unheard

May the oppressor be cast down!

Grant us steady hand and clear eye

Steep our hearts in hatred-of-swords

Set our course as we stride forth

For we shall not be silent

Nay, we shall not sit idle

This is great labor of the Wise:

To deny the Lord of Rape its victory.


  1. This was actually written over a dozen crises ago, if you'd believe that.

    1. Wow, 16 hours to write a blog post? Nice.

    2. The calculations are, admittedly, a mess, since the jury is still out on how to factor in crises that are subsets of other crises - do they exist as one single crisis, as separate incidents, or are they recorded under a larger order of magnitude?