Thursday, October 21, 2021

100 Songs as Spells

 Resemblance to TLN's Stand Generator is happy coincidence.

Effects have been left open-ended, because half the fun in getting an evocative spell name is interpreting what it does.

I tried to keep myself to the rule of "no double dipping from a single album" and I think it worked out okay.

The Song Spell List

  1. Mouth of Kala
  2. The Moon Will Sing
  3. Submerged
  4. Willow Tree March
  5. Don't Stop Killing
  6. Possessed by Disease
  7. Kickstart My Heart
  8. Gods Bound By Rules
  9. 666 Kill Chop Deluxe
  10. Journey of the Sorcerer
  11. Knife to the Eye
  12. Black Smoke Rising
  13. Inner Universe
  14. Meathook
  15. House of Bliss
  16. Friends in Low Places
  17. Coalescence
  18. Path of the Wind
  19. Conquer or Suffer
  20. Across the Drift
  21. Deference for Darkness
  22. Blood and Thunder
  23. All Gone
  24. Fingers to the Bone
  25. Run Through the Jungle
  26. Fury Oh Fury
  27. Moon Dance
  28. No Backbone
  29. Spiky Seeds
  30. Modify
  31. Radioactive Tomb
  32. Pillars of the Underworld
  33. Underground
  34. Little Aliens
  35. Exploding Hearts
  36. Room of Angel
  37. Sealed Vessel
  38. Rope on Fire
  39. Man of the Year / Heavy Sleep
  40. Sacrificial
  41. So Long & Thanks For All the Fish
  42. Propane Nightmares
  43. Birds With Broken Wings
  44. Vitality
  45. Dragons in the Mud
  46. Fuck This Shit I'm Out
  47. White Rabbit
  48. Ladies of the Woods
  49. Whistle Snake
  50. Awaken
  51. Dagger Dance
  52. Mushroom Picker Dance
  53. If We Were Vampires
  54. Magic Fountain
  55. Run For Cover
  56. Ultralife
  57. Stealing People's Mail
  58. Rise Up Dead Man
  59. Horse of Colors
  60. To Know, Water
  61. Interior Zombified Alligator
  62. Gotta Knock A Little Harder
  63. The Senescense
  64. Noosphere
  65. The Sun Rises
  66. This is True Love (We're) Makin'
  67. Surface Tension
  68. Steel Flowing Like Water
  69. Making of Cyborg
  70. The Calling
  71. The Owl
  72. Look At This
  73. Party Party Party
  74. Snake Soul
  75. Water Wall
  76. Twisted Streets
  77. No Escape
  78. Can't Keep Johnny Down
  79. Come on Fhqwhgads
  80. Hopeless Bleak Despair
  81. Night Surfing
  82. Bad Apple
  83. Hit the Floor
  84. Knives and Shadows
  85. Out of Time Man
  86. Dusk to Dawn
  87. Whiteout Conditions
  88. Come Out and Play
  89.  Sea of Cloud
  90. Ain't No Devil
  91. Step Out
  92. Panacea
  93. The Uncertainty Principle
  94. Chasing it Down
  95. Become a Monk
  96. God Shattering Star
  97. [Static and Indistinct Distant Screams]
  98. Apotheosis
  99. The Greatest Jubilee
  100. The Wrath of God in All its Fury


  1. Random table filler is good to get back in the swing of things.

  2. It's really funny going down the list and seeing songs I recognise!

    Shoutout especially to Dagger Dance, love that song.

  3. Kinda wanna roll on this and write some spells up

  4. Considering how many I recognize, I might as well just look the rest of them up at this point 'cause I'm pretty likely to like them too.

    1. ha ha, the secret secondary objective has been completed.

  5. Everybody to the limit!
    What _does_ that song do though?

    1. Gets everyone to the limit, of course. Or summons some fhqwhgads to your side.