Saturday, October 24, 2020

Troika Background: Radical Anarchist Catgirl



Many apologies to everyone, especially David Prokopetz, whose game I am shamelessly ripping off. 

Lexi beat me to my own post, but I am okay with that. I was playing Outer Wilds at the time. Plus, I like this better as a Troika background.

Unlike most other Troika backgrounds, this one is put together in pieces, and you assign point values to the skills as you go (I am presuming a default of 9-10 skill points)

Background: Radical Anarchist Catgirl

You are a catgirl. You are also a radical anarchist. The world's gone right to shit. You have taken things into your own hands. L'Internationale is on your lips. The way is lit, the path is clear. It's ride or die time.

Why do you have cat ears? Precisely what anarchist band do you belong to? Who gives a shit, there's work to be done.

(Important to note that catgirls may be of any gender, of course: catlad and catenby are perfectly valid descriptors for those who choose them)

Starting Possessions 

  • Go bag (burner phone, painkillers, caffeine pills, disinfectant, water purification tablets, flashlight, emergency flare, pepper spray, cash, baggie of recreational drugs of your choosing, revolutionary pamphlets, handcuffs, etc)
  • Weapon of your choice
  • Fistful of Sharp (ie your claws, as a knife)
  • Idiom-appropriate casual outfit
  • Tactical vest / tactical gambeson (as modest armor)

d66 Personal Idioms

This is your deal, your gimmick, your essential distilled character archetype.

11) Team Mom

  • Gain Diplomacy, Wrangling, or Danger Sense
  • You have a bag of snacks and something someone else forgot to pack. 

12) Chonk

  • Gain Adorable.
  • You have a disarming, easily-underestimated demeanor.

13) Stronk

  • Gain BIG AND STRONG.  
  • You have immense quantities of protein shake.

14) Magical Girl   

  • Gain a Spell of your choice. 
  • You have a transformation sequence and an animal sidekick.   

15) Goth

  • Gain Secret Dark Knowledge
  • You have a notebook of dark poetry and occult tattoos. 

16) Bookworm 

  • Gain Overabundance of Trivia
  • You have a large book. In fact, you have entirely too many large books.

21) History Buff

  • Gain Period-Appropriate Knowledge
  • You have several period-appropriate artifacts and a bitter rivalry with another historian.

22) Punk

  • Gain Fight the Power.
  • You have spray paint and a camera-fooling haircut-makeup combo.

23) Heavy Metal Queen

  • Gain Real OG
  • You have a killer sound system and permanent hearing damage.

24) Delinquent

  • Gain Ruffian Persona
  • You have cigarettes and a pompadour.

25) Maximum Tsun

  • Gain Intimidating as Shit.
  • You have a supportive letter from your friends at anger management counseling.

26) Ice Queen

  • Gain Withering Gaze
  • You have a university education and  designer sunglasses.

31) Space Cadet

  • Gain Loopy Loon Logic
  • You have an astronaut helmet, and a big book about space.

32) Bright-Eyed Newbie

  • Gain Air of Innocence
  • You have a birthday card from someone back home.

33) Scarred Veteran

  • Gain War Stories
  • You have many scars and the fragments of many languages.

34) Runaway Nun

  • Gain Mission from God.
  • You have a stolen saintly relic and a book of liberation theology.

35) The Chipper One

  • Gain Talk About Anything, Forever
  • You have boundless enthusiasm and endless hyperfocus.

36) Lazybones

  • Gain High-Inertia Semiliquid
  • You have sweatpants

41) Alcoholic

  • Gain Alcoholic Savant 
  • You have a bottle of strong booze.

42) Witch

  • Gain a Spell of your choice. 
  • You have a pointy hat, sturdy boots, and a shamble

43) Tech-head

  • Gain Grey Hat Hacker
  • You have a high end computer and a porn hoard.

44) Pirate

  • Gain High Seas Nautical Chicanery
  • You have an astoundingly impressive hat and a actual goddamn ship cannon.

45) Arsonist

  • Gain Pyromania.
  • You have a box of matches and a can of oil.

46) Driver

  • Gain Drive Like a Lunatic
  • You have a car. It is not, currently, on fire. 

51) Beggar Knight

  • You have a broken sword and a begging bowl.

52) Battle Cook

  • Gain Meal out of Anything.  
  • You have a ominous cleaver and a heavy apron. 

53) Artist

  • Gain Dsicerning Eye.  
  • You have a work in progress and a completed work. One is good and no one else likes it, one is bad and everyone else likes it.

54) Prima Donna

  • Gain Eyes on Me
  • You have an immaculate voice and a lawyer. 

55) Ninja? Sure, I guess

  • Gain Master of Stealth
  • You have a bright orange jumpsuit and a special move name for everything.

56) NEET

  • Gain Terminally Online
  • You have an army's worth of ramen and a body pillow of yourself.

61) Pop Idol

  • Gain Song and Dance Routine
  • You have at least one crazed fan and a bodyguard named Big Leroy.

62) Actual Cat

  • Gain Perfectly Ordinary Domestic Cat
  • You have a feathery toy and an unceasing hatred for all life beyond yourself.

63) Cyborg

  • Gain Cyberbrain.
  • You have a robot arm and a baggie of anti-rejection meds.

64) Blaseball Star Player

  • Gain Eldritch (Splorts) Knowledge
  • You have a blaseball bat and a miniature black hole.

65) Manic Pixie Dream Terrorist

  • Gain Homemade Explosives
  • You have a penchant for sudden, dramatic entrances in the lives of strangers.

66) Abomination in the Eyes of God 

  • Gain Anathema
  • You have a deconsecrating aura and the terror of angels, demons, priests, and cultists. There is no visible outward reason why.

Combat Expertise: Pick one of the following skills.

  • Tactician - Making sure everyone goes where they need to.
  • CQC Specialist - Right up in their face.
  • Reconnaissance - Scouting behind enemy lines
  • Wetwork - Covertly getting your hands dirty.
  • Cyber-Ops - Fucking around with computers.
  • Sniper - hitting small things from far away.
  • Heavy Weapons - More dakka.
  • Tank - Hits hard, takes hard hits, draws aggro
  • Field Medic - Bite the bullet this is going to get unpleasant
  • Frontline - This catgirl kills fascists.

Weapon Skills: Pick one. Refluff according to taste, as all you really need to care about is the damage range and handedness.

Basic Skills

Pick any number of the following to fill out the rest of your character.

  • Swiftpawe - Quick reflexes, falling gracefully
  • Eyes and Ears - Extended senses.
  • Suss Out the Fash - A finely-tuned field of Detect Authoritarian Intent
  • Mother of Improvisation - Cobbling together solutions from items on hand.
  • Crowdwork - Getting people marching in the right direction
  • Political Theory - Someone needs it, probably.
  • Anime Bullshit - All-purpose style over substance.

You are now ready.