Monday, September 25, 2017

20 Spells From My Playlist

Not much to see here, folks, just a practice run at making GLOG spells using the ever-effective Araki Method of Power Naming

1) Knights of Cydonia
R: 20’ T: Point D: [sum] rounds
You summon [dice]-HD worth of rust-armored warriors from distant Cydonia and Tharsis. The rounds of activity are shared among all knights summoned.

2) Toxicity
R: Touch T: A container of liquid D: [dice] hours
You turn the liquid murky and foul for the appointed time: anyone drinking or touching it must save vs. poison. If [sum]>8, the change is permanent.

3) Get a Hold of Yourself
R: Touch T: Person D: [sum] rounds
Breaks target out of fear. They will resist fear for [sum] rounds.

4) Gold on the Ceiling
R: 50’ T: Gold and all other valuables D: [sum] minutes
Any item within range worth at least 1 gp will fly up into the air and become stuck on the ceiling. If no ceiling is present, the items will hover 30’ in the air until the effect expires.

5) Get Along Gone
R: 50’ T: [dice] persons D: 1 minute
[Dice] people are enveloped in a cloud of smoke, accompanied with a bright light and loud bang, permitting escape from combat.

6) Landsick
R: 20’ T: Person D: [sum] rounds
Target is overcome with powerful nausea, vomiting if 2 dice or more are invoked. Effect will only take place if the target is on solid ground; they will be immune if in the water or on a water.

7) Destroy the Past
R: Self T: Self D: As long as you can hold your breath
You are transported to the same location at a specified point in time within a range of [sum]x10 years. This will last as long as the player can hold their breath – breathing will result in returning to the present. All changes to the present will be applicable after the caster returns.

8) Promises of Sanctuary
R: Sight T: House or other shelter D: Until dawn
Target building is protected against evil intrusions of up to [dice] HD. If [sum] > 6 there will be fresh firewood, if >8, warm bedding, if >10, a hot meal, if >16 the Sanctuary Nymph will reveal herself.

9) Walk like an Egyptian
R: Self T: Self D: [Sum] rounds
You are rendered two dimensional upon a surface you are touching. You cannot move between adjacent objects unless 3+ dice are invested.

10) Whiteout Conditions
R: 15’ x [dice] T: Person D: [dice] minutes
Target is enveloped in a blinding snowstorm, centered on their body. The storm will follow them, though anyone else trapped in it will be able to escape normally.

11) Burn Burn
R: 20’ T: Book D: Instant
The targeted book goes up in flames. This fire is limited to the book and will not spread elsewhere. If a spellbook is burned, the caster has a [dice]-in-6 chance of learning a new spell if the ashes are eaten.

12) Obey the Beard
R: Touch T: Beard D: [sum] minutes
The target’s facial hair is awakened, and those listening it will be compelled as if under a Command spell. The awakened hair will always have the same identity, being that of Big Jimbo Holhms, a lumberjack known for his over-excitable imagination and love of activities that cause concussions.

13) Body
R: 30’ T: Person D: [dice] hours
Target’s body is separated into component parts, organ systems, and other structures. These might be safely moved about without causing harm to the target. Target will be aware of what is going on, but will feel no pain. There is a [sum] in 10 chance of summoning 1d4 alternate-universe versions of the target’s mother as observers.

14) Hang ‘Em All
R: Touch T: [dice] corpses D: Until released or decomposed completely.
The corpses, if strung up from gallows, will act as an oracular chorus to passersby: delivering warnings, compliments, advertisements, musical numbers and trivial information.

15) Word Crimes
R:10’ T: Visible Text D: 1 hour
Affected text will be changed so as to reference significant criminal behavior (usually of a humorous nature. If 2+ dice are invested, any individual of a criminal profession (thieves, assassins, drug peddlers, lawyers) will give great respect to the individual possessing altered text, for as long as the effect holds. After that, it’s up to smooth talk.

16) Fly Me To The Moon
R: Touch T: Person D: Instant
Target is instantly transported to a visible location on the moon. Any additional items beyond clothing and small objects requires an additional die of investment. Don’t use it on a new moon.

17) Way Down We Go
R: 30’ T: Multiple Persons D: [dice] combats
All effected persons have advantage for checks against fear, morale, or stress (as applicable) for [dice] combat encounters. This spell is only effective the first time a specific dungeon is entered.

18) Ventricide
R: Touch T: Person D: Instant
If 4+ dice are invested, the target’s heart explodes.

19) Coalescence
R: 20’ T: Corpse of ooze D: Permanent
The caster will create a rainstorm within the effect area, which will wash the remnants of the ooze to the space in front of the caster, ready for harvesting.

20) Hallelujah Money
R: 30’ T: Person D: [sum] rounds
Target is beset by seizures as an angel appears and showers them with [dice] x1000 false gold pieces, and scraps of paper bearing the visages of long-dead kings. The target must pass a WIS check to resist the urge to cease their current activities and founding a religion with a healthy appreciation for tithing.


  1. These are great! I do have some questions regarding a few of them. For Knights of Cydonia what stats do they possess? For Toxicity what does the poison do? For Landsick what are the mechanical effects of nausea? For Promises of Sancutuary what does the Nymph do?

    1. Good questions! I have no idea if these are good answers.

      The knights are as a fighter / fighters (or appropriate monster if you wish) of [dice] HD. They may ask for a return on their service.

      Toxicity's poison could be anything, though my mind defaults to "high fever, vomiting, out of action, chance of death without proper medical attention in 1d10 days."

      For Landsick, the target will have to pass a CON check in order to do much of anything besides stagger around. If they do pass, it's a -2 to hit.

      The nymph is the source of all the other aid in the cabin. She's mostly just a friendly NPC, but if she's summoned enough times (3-5) and the party are good houseguests she might show more often or provide one-off gifts.

    2. Yeah, I think all of those are good answers.