Friday, May 12, 2017

1d20 Lingering Effects of Petrification

  1. Calcified Cataracts – The character is permanently blinded.
  2. Feet of Clay – Disadvantage on STR checks to push or resist being pushed.
  3. Stoneface – The character’s face becomes a stone mask, incapable of movement, though they can still speak and eat (food placed before them will disappear from the plate)
  4. Copralite – Incredibly uncomfortable, but no significant effect.
  5. Erosion – The character permanently loses 1 CON for every 20 HP lost. This cannot be reversed, even when HP is recovered.
  6. Fossil Arthritis – Penalty of -4 DEX and -10 movement speed.
  7. Marble Nails – Character can add proficiency bonus to all unarmed strikes.
  8. Gastroliths – Character is capable of digesting matter normally considered inedible.
  9. Pebbleskin - +2 AC from natural armor, -2 to reaction rolls due to appearance and damage to vocal cords.
  10. Bezoar – A stony growth forms in the character’s stomach. This will provide an instantaneous cure to any poison ingested, but will dissolved after use. It retains its properties if removed from the host body.
  11. Molten Core – Character immediately takes 5d100 + 700 damage and explodes. Everything within 5 feet catches on fire and takes 10d6 fire damage. (For those who don't like random death, make it a normal Fireball.)
  12. Tectonic Drift – Body parts and features have been slightly re-arranged, giving character a misshapen appearance.
  13. Statuesque – Character retains perfectly sculpted proportions. +2 on reaction rolls.
  14. Silicate brain – Character gains +4 INT in sub-zero temperatures. Character is affected by cold as normal, and bonus is reduced to +2 if they are insulated.
  15. Stratification – Character’s body is now composed of layers of different color.
  16. Made of Money – Gemstone and crystal growths appear on the character. A 100g gem can be acquired by sacrificing 1 max HP.
  17. Terrafying – Character gains intense phobia of the earth and gains a desire to get as far away from soil and stone as possible. Roll under WIS to resist urges as seen appropriate.
  18. Vandalism – Rude markings have been carved into the character’s body, appearing now as scar tissue. In addition, 4-in-6 chance of losing nose
  19. Memories of Earth – Character is now fluent in the appropriate languages of earth elementals and extinct creatures. Will have vivid dreams of the surrounding environment millions of years in the past.
  20. Golem Awakening – Reversing the petrification only awakened the soul – the body remains stone. The character is now a construct and requires no food, water, or sleep.

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