Monday, November 26, 2018

Star Warriors, Dungeon Openers, Dinosaur Alignment Spectrum

Cosimo Galluzzi

Star Warrior

Esoteric soldiers who have emptied themselves into the void, and returned bearing the fire of the heavens.

HD, Saves, Weapons and Armor: as cleric

The star warrior unlocks a new stellar chakra with each level.

Level 1: M-type, Root 
By rooting themselves firmly to the ground, a star warrior may deflect d12 damage or resist being knocked prone 1/day. 

Level 2: K-type, Sacral
The star warrior gives birth to an astral familiar of 1/3rd their HD. If it is dismissed or defeated, it will be [level] days before a new one may be made.

Level 3: G-type, Navel
Once per day, the star warrior may draw upon their inner spiritual reserves and gain d6 points to be added to whatever rolls they wish. 

Level 4: F-type, Heart
The star warrior anoints their weapon with their heart. Their next [level] attacks are treated as magical. Usable 1/day. 

Level 5: A-type, Throat
The star warrior may make three single words of Command per day. 

Level 6: B-type, 3rd Eye
The star warrior has awakened their third eye, and may now see ghosts, spirits, and auras that would be otherwise hidden. 

Level 7: O-type, Crown
Once per day, the star warrior may awaken any of the stellar chakras in one of their allies. They will be able to use it as a true star warrior would.

Dungeon Openers 

1) The Vault
Stairs leading down to a double door of engraved black stone. A circular hole has been blown through the middle, and the doors bulge outwards. Charred corpses are stuffed in the hole in an apparent attempt to escape. Several managed to crawl through before death.

2) It's Raining Men
Players find themselves falling out of of a stormy and scabrous sky with thousands of others. Snap to black upon hitting the ground. They will awake as they are dumped out of a gigantic iron corpse-wagon. A plague doctor stylite is there, overseeing the operation.

3) Escape Room
Players wake up inside a haunted house. Impossible spaces abound, doors and windows boarded up.  Kicker: the house is buried underground. Presumed modern setting, good for CoC or EE.

Dinosaur Alignment Spectrum

All dinosaurs may be measured according to the following three alignments.
Animal <---------> Monster

Natural <---------> Gonzo

Domesticated <---------> Wild
Spectrum A can replace "animal" with "people" as needed. Specific dinosaurs within a piece of media may be categorized differently. Dinosaur alignments are spectrums rather than binaries. Gonzo includes outmoded models of dinosaurs, including tail-dragging and potentially not having feathers.

  • Jurassic Park = Monster / Natural / Wild
  • Jurassic World = Monster / Gonzo / Wild
  • Walking with Dinosaurs = Animal / Natural / Wild
  • Dinotopia = Animal / Natural / Domesticated
  • Land Before Time = People / Natural / Wildness dependent on environmental factors.
  • Dinosaur Clerics = Monster / Gonzo / Wild and Domesticated Variants.
  • The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins = Animal (with monster flourishes) / Gonzo / Wild


  1. Found some more notes not worth an entire post of their own, so here they are in a bunch.

  2. I love this random stuff. I want a whole post full of dungeon openers, especially.

  3. Seconding the dungeon openers, all of these look great for one-shots.