Friday, June 21, 2019

The Great Discape Arises From the Deep!

Micah did the cover!

Almost two years ago I came up with a silly little setting. "What if Planescape, but also Discworld"?

You can download it now! It's 36 pages of setting tables, primed and ready to plop down wherever you see fit. 180 monsters! 180 locations! A quest generator!

Enjoy, everyone.

(If you find any mistakes let me know and I can fix them)


  1. It feels really good to get this done.

  2. It's great to see a large project of yours done!

  3. I will gladly add this to my folder of stuff for running games

  4. This is rad! I am linking folks here this week on my blog/podcast to check it out!

  5. I really like how you presented the stuff...
    I've been asked for a pdf of my writings, and i'll treasure your simple style as something i should do...

  6. I love how the Discape has, like, this booming tourist *cough*... pilgrim industry.

    CAMPAIGN PREMISE: A party of travel agents needs to scope out all of the good tourist sights and successfully get their clients where they need to go. Where are all the holy sights? How do we get the pain pilgrims to their agony gardens without running amok of non-pain-related forces? How do we get the various sects to not kill each other outright? What's the best angle to get a portrait of the copulating gods' giant golden wang?

    1. "They're electing a new pontiff! Will it be black smoke or white smoke? It' smoke. Red. Oh gods, red smoke. RED SMOKE!"