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The Hoypoloi Sector

It's map time! People liked the last one, I like making them, it's a good relationship we've got going here. This time it's in space. Planets were generated using Stars Without Number, races were selected at random according to an old post of +David McGrogan 's, which I have been waiting to use forever. For extra fun, I used a different bestiary for each entry.

Inhabitants of the Hoypoloi Sector

  • Alkalion (Veins of the Earth)
  • Lurkers in the Obsidian Ruins (Carcosa)
  • Giant Nudibranch (Yoon-Suin)
  • Togruta (Star Wars Alien Anthology)
  • Kuo-Ta (5e MM)
  • Velociraptor (Volo's)
  • Coralkin Angler (Hot Springs Island)
  • Predator Saint (Fire on the Velvet Horizon)


Planet Gazetteer 

A-1: Hendiron
  • Togruta, Velociraptor
  • Sole Supplier - The only source of Elbow-Gourd Grease in the sector.
  • Post Scarcity - A low population plus robust 3D printing technology lets the locals enjoy a life of luxury, mostly free of want. A haven for artists and their kin.
B-4: Kittakikat
  • Velociraptor
  • Zombies - Of the fungal variety. Landing on world is not recommended.
  • Maneaters - If the meat is clean, you learn to stop complaining.
B-7: Riktik
  • Velociraptor, Kuo-Ta
  • Battleground - Continuous clan warfare has left much of the planet either wilderness or unsafe, outside of the fortress-cities of some of the largest alliances.
  • Secret Masters - The wars are organized and perpetuated by some of the original colonizers of the planet, kept alive through Overmind techno-magic. Not for any real reason, of course, it's all a game.
C-1: E'pe
  • Nudibranch, Kuo-ta, Coralkin Angler
  • Warlords - The Nudibranchs rule in technicality, but it is the coralkin warlords who wield the most power here. Their Kuo-Ta hordes swarm across the hills in mad frenzy.
  • Mandarinate - Schools for the coralkin warrior caste are run by the local Nudibranch creche, content to master the academics of war themselves while their proteges learn the practical skills.
C-6: Grrlblgrgl
  • Coralkin Angler, Kuo-Ta
  • Misandry - Male coralkin are little more than parasitic sex organs, and the females of the species apply that opinion liberally to males of other species.
  • Taboo Treasure - Overmind nanotech is commonplace on the world, feared and desired by the local populace.
C-7: Opa'luhahe'e
  • Nudibranch, Kuo-Ta
  • Fear of Magic - How the normally-permissive Nudibranchs turned against the arts is lost in the foggy history of their isolation, but their hatred runs deep. Under local law it is punished by death: looming international
  • Cultural Power - The isolationist / anti-mage message has spread to neighboring worlds, taking root in those with large populations of Kuo-Ta.
D-1: Junji-Tho
  • Kuo-Ta
  • Restrictive Laws - In an effort to emulate the refinement of their patrons, the Kuo-Ta of this world have instituted incredibly strict, incredibly thorough systems of polite interaction. Offworlders are, at best, buffoons.
  • Local Specialty - Best mushroom soup in the sector. People have been killed over bowls of this stuff.
E-3: O'a'paluho'nu
  • Nudibranch
  • Minimal Contact - Despite its location near major worlds, the thick cloud cover, low material wealth, and lack of proper space infrastructure mean this world can go months to years without a ship coming in to port.
  • Hostile Biosphere - Local pathogens wiped out the original Kuo-Ta population, leaving their masters on their own for the first time in kiloyears.
F-1: Ha'o'Apa
  • Nudibranch, Kuo-Ta, Coralkin Anglers
  • Theocracy - Home of the Nudibranch God-Creche, where new king-queens are spawned.
  • Pilgrimage Site - Nudibranch client races from across the sector and beyond come to pay homage. The Togruta and raptors don't care much for the pomp, but pilgrims are good for business.
F-4: Oxwyndorsep
  • ???
  • Friendly Foe - Both the Overmind and the Nudibranchs placed this world under interdict, for housing an ancient enemy known only to them. Things have been quiet for centuries, but the guard has not been lifted.
  • Xenophiles - Radio broadcasts pour out of the planet, inviting guests to come visit. They are creepily sincere and don't seem to have much of a filter.
F-8: Edge-Upon-Which-Folly-Befalls-Fortune
  • Lurkers in the Obsidian Ruins
  • Badlands - A failed terraforming process left this planet halfway to habitability. It suits the Lurkers just fine, but it is too dusty by half for all else.
  • Exchange Consulate - The Lurkers, against all sense, run the largest bank in the sector. The insurance rates are as brutal as one would expect from swirling clouds of obsidian chips.
G-1: Ota-Tarunga
  • Kuo-Ta, Nudibranch
  • Major Spaceyard - The Ota-Tarunga spaceyards are the lifeline keeping the planet afloat, and now even they are suffering under the stress of better goods from Pa'ahuil'el'e and CATLOTEH.
  • Fallen Hegemon - Economic catastrophe sent a once-glorious planet into a downward spiral. Few Nudibranchs remain, having been pulled from their tanks and made examples of in the violence.
G-2: Rritshiski
  • Velociraptor, Kuo-Ta, Togruta
  • Refugees - Kuo-ta fleeing the recent chaos on Ota-Tarunga have swiftly formed a significant demographic, leading to tensions with the raptor elites.
  • Regional Hegemon - With its rival world in deep straights, the raptor capital has seen
G-3: Antola
  • Togruta, Alkalion
  • Mercenaries - "Peace at home, war abroad" is the Antolan motto. Those with a need to smash some heads are sent off to the stars to vent some aggression for coin.
  • Primitive Aliens -The planet is home to the Alkalions, beings whose all-dissolving claws are so potent they might be used in starship drives to aid in poking holes through time-space.
G-6: Pa'ahuil'el'e
  • Nudibranch, Kuo-Ta, Togruta, Velociraptor
  • Abandoned Colony - Surface settlement of Pa'ahuil'el'e was abandoned early in its development. The Nudibranchs refuse to speak of it. With a good lens, one can still see the pre-fabricated buildings and bubbledomes on the arid surface.
  • Major Spaceyard - Pa'ahuil'el'e Spaceyard
G-7: Cut-Along-The-Line-Of-The-Event-Horizon
  • Lurkers in the Obsidian Ruins
  • Unbraked AI - They are old and alien, potentially works of the Lurkers or the Lurkers themselves - we do not know. For now they are fit to remain on their world.
  • Heavy Industry - The planet is slowly metastisizing with industrial tumors. Some factories create things of use, others do not, and in time the forges are recycled and rebuilt.
H-6: Chendo
  • Togruta, Predator Saints
  • Rising Hegemon - The rise of Chendo - political, cultural, spiritual - has been meteoric. Other polities watch them carefully. There is something unright with them.
  • Altered Inhabitants - The saints ask of things. The people give. The saints make changes. The people are changed.
H-8: Akishka
  • Velociraptor
  • Great Work - A megascale project is underway to build an artificial continent, sculpted as a perfect wildlife preserve and hunting ground.
  • Beastmasters - The native wildlife provided several species perfect for domestication, leading to early settlers founding one of the strongest hunt-cultures among raptor worlds.
I-1: Tuho-Ba
  • Kuo-Ta
  • Alien Ruins - Remnants of extensive Overmind settlements sit deep in the devouring jungle, untouched since their abandonment.
  • Hostile Biosphere - The few things on this planet that do not want to kill you will do so anyway due to the horrific toxic mess of the local sludge-forest ecosystem.
I-3: Trellivoon
  • Togruta
  • Mandate Base - Ancient complexes of the Knotmen dot the planet, mercifully absent of their creators. Their mad service to the Overmind is well-documented.
  • Cyclical Doom - The highly irregular orbit of Trellivoon dictates a climate that swings between unbearably hot and deathly cold. Surface life is minimal due to this.
I-4: Tekrikit
  • Velociraptor
  • Anthropomophs - It is the fashion of this world for its inhabitants to modify themselves in the forms of other avian species from across known space.
  • Anarchists - There is no sitting government in Tekrikit: in its place are community moots which tend towards chaos. Diplomacy is a nightmare.
I-7: A'lahi'o
  • Nudibranch, Kuo-Ta
  • Dying Race - The native inhabitants of this planet are the Salamanders, who face starvation in the face of the current ice age.
  • Gold Rush - Lowered sea levels have revealed vast mineral wealth along the equator, ripe for the plucking. Factory-cities work day and night to eat up their share.
J-3: Derrish
  • Togruta
  • Permeter Agency - A watchpost and listening station abandoned by an older Overmind-client sits on this world, being the only settlement of note.
  • Night World - Derrish is a rogue planet without a sun, adrift and secretive.
J-7: Tuko-Tuko
  • Kuo-Ta
  • Police State - After the departure of their nudibranch overlords, the newly independent kuo-ta polities used their newfound freedom to stomp down on freedom withunstoppable enthusiasm.
  • Sectarians - Politico-religious violence between rival totalitarian factions defines daily life on Tuko-Tuko.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

1d20 +1d6 Cults

+Joseph Manola had a really good post about cults recently, and I wanted to make a follow-up to that.

If you find yourself in need of a quick cult / new religious movement that's more than just scary guys in scary robes, roll below.

There's no prize for guessing the origins, but feel free to try.
  1. Indigenous religion decapitated and banned by colonial occupier. The old ways die out slowly as the younger generations are educated in the ways of their colonizers.
  2. Foreign religion deemed dangerous to the political and social order due to widespread popularity with the underclass. Believers are driven underground, practices are carried on in secret and undergo syncretic mutation over decades of isolation.
  3. Modern resurgence of previously extinct historical religion.
  4. Tax haven founded to exploit the ennui and disenfranchisement of the nobility. Aggressive policies towards any party deemed even a minor threat.
  5. Demagogue exploits nationalist narratives, racial tensions, lingering resentment over economic misfortune, occultism and pseudoscience to gather support. Scapegoats are named, violence breaks out.
  6. Ethnic and religious minority targeted with persistent slander by majority group: blood sacrifice, desecration of holy sites, conspiracy against the state, spreading disease, and so on. Claims are easily disproven, but damnably and dangerously persistent.
  7. Group leader orders series of murders in attempt to trigger wide-scale conflict across social fault lines. Beliefs based on interpretations of popular song lyrics and apocryphal symbolism of mainstream religion.
  8. Approaching celestial event claimed to provide passage to paradise in reborn bodies. Believers gathering in isolated compound to await the end.
  9. Ultraconservative reading of scripture used as justification for reign of terror. "Sinful influences" banned and punished by death. Widespread and violent oppression of women, scholars, homosexuals, political dissidents, foreign influences, and all of the above.
  10. Millennial microbranch of mainstream religion. Strange beliefs and practices that are often distrusted and mocked, but generally harmless and permitted free practice. Send people door-to-door with literature.
  11. Subvertive / transgressive movement targeting mainstream religion by positioning itself as the opposition. Adversarial imagery adopted to this end.
  12. Non-religious works of dead, foreign philosopher treated as holy writ. Orthodoxy enforced with brutal efficiency. Leader treated as god-king despite disavowal of religion by both the group and the founding document.
  13. Native religion of slaves mixes with beliefs of their masters. The resulting faith retains strong ties to a specific, limited geographic region even after emancipation.
  14. Traveler returns from a distant land with incorrect but enthusiastic recollections of religious experiences. Half-informed variant takes off like wildfire, bearing little resemblance to its parent.
  15. Group declares distant king to be a god-on-earth. The king in question does not encourage this belief.
  16. Practitioners proclaim in-depth knowledge of the secret manipulators of the world and all the schemes and conspiracies thereof. They obsess over revealing truth to unthinking masses: Hidden celestial bodies, secret races of puppet-masters, false histories, impossible geographies, and all the things they don't want you to know
  17. Parody religion emphasizes absurdity, chaos, and disorder. It's all for a good laugh.
  18. Scripture interpreted as associating material wealth and financial success with divine blessing and moral uprightness. Tends to ignore the parts of the book about taking care of the poor.
  19. The world operates according to a grand order, but is also filled with all manner of bizarre and obtuse spirits that must be dealt with appropriately. This calls for some creative use of ritual.
  20. It was aliens all along.

Bonus Table

  1.  An adoring crowd has formed a commune near a dragon's roost, wishing to witness its power and majesty and seek to expand their consciousness through their proximity to such a creature. In truth, the dragon is neither powerful nor majestic and is going about the ordinary dragon business of hunting, shitting, and sleeping, but that's celebrity for you.
  2.  Leftover war materiel from a distant superpower's arcane conflict has formed the basis of a new mythology. Old gods have been retired, a new age has been declared, mutations from thaumaturgical runoff are now considered blessings, totems and images of weapons used as major symbols of good fortune, mock-battles attempting to re-enact the distant battles of gods held.
  3.  Bored temple-goers begin carving graffitti faces into the pews during sermons. Several centuries later, these have evolved into detailed characters who have filled books of parables and religious commentary. Theological academia scoffs, the common folk love it.
  4. Ad hoc messianic prophecies spread between dungeons to give the monstrous humanoids hope that they will not be utterly destroyed, may be exploited by canny warlord later.
  5.  Apocalyptic cults are just maintenance crews for the turning of the Wheel. Gambling karma on what disaster ushers in the new age is a popular pastime for rival cultic schools.
  6. A single god has thousands of facets, and all must be worshiped according to the proper forms, no matter how bizarre the form and what it represents might be.

    Tuesday, November 7, 2017

    Joyce Byers is the perfect Call of Cthulhu NPC

    Note: I am incredibly late to the party, and as of writing this post I have only watched five episodes of Stranger Things Season 1. As I was able to go in almost entirely blind, I will extend that courtesy and put this post beneath the break.

    Winona Ryder steals the show, lemme tell ya.

    Joyce Byers is the perfect NPC for Call of Cthulhu.

    Sunday, October 29, 2017


    "Forest in Autumn" by Gustav Courbet

    This post goes best with Over the Garden Wall and Chromatic Soup: Issue 2.


    Ho-ho! Ha-ha! ‘Tis harvest time
    When all the hill’s russet and gold!
    Bring in the feast! Bring on the dance!
    Be bold, make a risk, steal a kiss, take a chance!
    Tap us some cider! Lay out the cakes!
    Pile pies on the table until the thing breaks!
    It’s a night fit for chaos, in that we believe
    For this here tonight’s the great Goblinwatch Eve!


    The Festival

    You remember...

    All the farmers with their oxen, their wagons overflowing for the last market of the year. Cousins you hadn't seen since the year before last, now that the Grub Port bridge has been rebuilt. Banners and flags and every color under the sun as the countryside seemed aflame with its joy. Church bells and mourning doves.

    There were jugglers, acrobats, jesters, fire-eaters, stilt-walkers, troubadours, fiddle duels, medicine shows, buskers, hobos, hurdy-gurdy men, blue-ribbon goats, performing dogs, hedge-mages, a traveling show with kings and swords and red streamers for blood. Children running underfoot looking for the Third Pig. Corn-hole, ring-toss, quilt circles, the husking bee, the dunk-a-monk tank. Grinning lantern-jacks everywhere you turn (you and your friends ran through the hills with butterfly nets each evening for the last week to get proper will-o-wisps for yours).

    You remember your grandpa and the other old men in their navy coats, their flat-topped caps and their shiny brass buttons, sitting on the general store porch and playing St. Anne's Fingerbones while passing around a stoneware jug of grobbo.

    (A note: grobbo, or goblin-cider, tastes like getting kicked in the face by an apple-flavored Clydesdale.) 

    You remember the Knights of Autumn returning home in all their russet finery, with stories of the world beyond and all their adventures in the wild places where the Folk lived. Some years one or two of the older children would be taken on as an apprentice to a journeyman knight. Your parents shot down your request instantly, on account of your main motivation being your terrible, obvious crush on Abigail Haaghenholt, who had taken her vows three years earlier.

    You remember the Witches' Court, where the wise women young and old gathered in numbers you'd never see elsewhere (save the funeral of Goodwife Jemyan the winter before last). Anyone with a problem in their life, no matter the size, could bring it before the Court and have it solved right there and then, though there's never any guarantee they'd like the solution. Sometimes it was best to bury the hatchet before going to the Court.

    There was the barn dance, where they crowned the Harvest Queen and Skeleton King and everyone danced and sang and drank and ate until the sun was dipping low and the lantern-jacks were lit.

    And the food! Candied apples, roasted pine nuts, pop-corn, troll-ears with cinnamon sugar, saltwater taffy, succotash, four-score types of cheese, coalwater crabs from upstream on the ridge, cider from the orchard on  harvest-moon cakes, pumpkin bread, corn and squash on the grill, roast turkey and pheasant, apple flapjacks, maple wine, more pies than even the gods could comprehend.

    There was always a seat left open at the head of the table, right by the King and Queen. Death is an honored guest at Goblinwatch, to remind everyone that they were alive that night.

    This was the finale, the bombast before the long decline into winter.

    The Watch

    The first drumbeat falls at the moment when the sun has sunk completely below the horizon and the moon has risen fully above. In the hills one can see the distant fires, and hear the hoots and hollers and the beating of  hide drums and the playing of reed pipes and bladder horns.

    The goblins sing and dance around their Ugly Tree, gathering their forces of mischief, and when their song is done they descend upon the town in a wave.

    Actually describing what comes next is difficult due to both the inherent magic in Goblinwatch Eve and the sheer amount of tomfoolery and vandalism going on.

    A good Goblinwatch Eve will include but is not limited to: theft of livestock, raiding of liquor cabinets, raiding of underwear drawers, damage to public property, arson, jaywalking, cross dressing, cases of mistaken identities, cruelty to cheeses, biting political satire, incomprehensible accents, public drunkenness, graffiti, dirty limericks, silly walks, and excessive Monty Pythoning.

    Goblins will be accompanied by other creatures, their "auxiliaries in the cause of mischief." These are typically unique, region-specific beings who are generally only seen on Goblinwatch Eve, unless the Eve is set up to be a real humdinger, in which case they might be glimpsed as early as never seen prior to the feast of St. Percival Tuckett, thirteen nights earlier. These companion beasts include:
    • The Bugaboo - A tall, ape-like creature with shaggy black fur and luminous eyes like dinner plates.
    • The Great Askutasquash - A knobbly green-and-yellow striped vegetable with legs like an elephant. Squashes things, delivers presents to gullible children.
    • The Tagalong of Tougkepsin - A river monster, like a salamander mixed with an otter and twice as big as a man. Sings like a lovely woman, shouts like an angry priest, talks like a city slicker.
    • Big Barn Owl Face - A body like a big lumberjack, axe in hand and shirt of plaid, with a barn owl's head on top. Constantly bobbing and swiveling around.
    • Hopkins Gobrol - It looks like a goblin, but is not actually a goblin. Bright orange skin, unblinking eyes, laughs  before the punchline is delivered but doesn't put any heart into it.

    The Witching Hour

    The reign of chaos lasts until one in the morning, at which point the Witches' Court will disperse and its members will begin to round up the goblin horde. By means of the mighty Disapproving Look, the Crossing of the Arms, and the Tapping of the Foot (as well as clever counter-pranking and tactical witchery), the township's witches will wrangle to goblins into righting their wrongs, returning their loot, and fixing up the town to just as it was.

    Having had their fun, the goblins will sing a final song of farewell (which has the added effect of putting the townsfolk into a restful sleep) and depart for their warren.

    Witches have no obligation to stay further, and many of them return to their homes at this time.

    All-Folk's Day

    There is one more celebration before all is complete and winter may begin. In the quiet of the misty morning, a procession will set out to the hills, singing old songs of Folk-friendship and the Humble Art. It is not a boisterous celebration, but instead one of a different kind of life - of stillness and silence and the dew upon leaves.

    The procession will meet the Folk in the appointed place - sacred grove, standing stones, enchanted spring, whatever it may be. There will be a shared meal, a recounting of histories from both peoples, an exchange of gifts. The old agreements between Folk and man will be re-affirmed. The Folk will depart, and the people will return to their homes in silence.

    Thus comes the end of the harvest season and of Goblinwatch, until the next year arrives.

    If dreams can’t come true, then why not pretend?
    How the gentle wind beckons through the leaves, as autumn colors fall
    then sink in a swirl of golden memories
    the loveliest lies of all

    Monday, October 23, 2017

    Womb of Annihilation

    I doubt anyone reading this will care about spoilers for Tomb of Annihilation, but I'll declare them anyway.


    Tomb of Annihilation  is a pretty good adventure. There are a good deal of weird WotC-isms in it (have you ever wondered about your NPC guide's exact height and weight? Tomb of Annihilation has you covered.) but on the whole it's a solid adventure with solid wilderness support and solid dungeons. You could run it without a whole lot of elbow grease.

    But that's no fun.

    Basic Premise

    Acererak is trapping the souls of the dead in a giant machine and feeding them to an Atropal, which is currently located  at the bottom of an ancient dungeon in an abandoned city in the middle of an uncharted rainforest in a distant land. The lead-in is that resurrection spells have stopped working, those who have been resurrected previously are beginning to decay, and you've been sent to investigate it.

    Elbow Grease Note 1:  Twice as many immortal oligarchs as you thought you wanted.


    Tomb of Annihilation comes with the setting presumption that resurrection is common enough in-setting that people are noticing something going wrong. At first, I wasn't fond of this conceit and was considering dropping it entirely (an easy enough task), as I'm not super fond of the idea of resurrection as a commodity, but then I reconsidered.

    Resurrection is expensive. It requires a 13th level wizard to cast, and if we're using +Skerples medieval price list, which is nice and abstracted, the component cost is the equivalent of 100,000 US dollars.

    (For extra math fun, calculating the value of 1gp with the current per-ounce market value of gold, times 16 ounces per pound and divided by 50 coins per pound, we end up at $205,760 for a resurrection spell if a GP is only 50% gold.)

    This is on top of the fees for hiring a 13th level necromancer, which could easily be ten times or more the cost of the components.

    In short, it's bloody expensive. The only people who would even have a chance to access to it would be the rich and powerful, who would be able to become more rich and powerful by installing a revolving door to the afterlife.

    The people who are sending you on this mission will reap all the benefit, despite doing none of the work (the book itself says that they've already sent people to Chult and failed. The only actual payment you receive from your patrons are 50gp up front, and a single magical item upon completion. Starting at level 1 just emphasizes that you're disposable lackeys. )

    The book already uses the Red Wizards of Thay as an enemy faction that is out to twist everything to their own advantage. This works as-is. One set of immortal oligarchs are already taken care of.

    Your patron is a woman named Syndra, who is supposed to be a member of the Harpers. I haven't got a clue what in Sam Hill the Harpers are supposed to be, so they have now been turned into the Harper East Seres Company (Or +Jacob Hurst 's Martel Company) Your friendly neighborhood expansionist venture-capitalists that have formed their own little government,who are now also immortal.

    Both the Red Wizards and the Harper Company want the resurrection problem solved. Wizards want the Soulmonger for themselves, the Company doesn't yet know that it exists. The two groups loathe each other.

    Elbow Grease Point 2: All about the politics


    The module mentions factions, but few of them are actually important to the goings on in Chult. With rival groups of immortal oligarchs meddling in local affairs on top of local factions, that is a huge oversight.

    The Harper Company
    "It's just jungle now, but with some forward-thinking it transforms into something beautiful. Think about it. Rubber, cocoa, cotton, tea; plantations from horizon to horizon. Mines producing more oil and gold than we can imagine. And diamonds!"

    • Wants: The end of the death curse, a return to the status quo, economic control of Chult
    • Does not want: The Red Wizards gaining anything, the Merchant Princes getting too uppity and thinking they run the place.
    • Is currently: Throwing poor people at the problem until it gets solved.

    The Red Wizards of Thay
    "The Chultans' aspirations mean nothing; They do not play with the long view in mind. No one ever does. They just think they'll live forever all on their own." 

    • Wants: The Soulmonger, monopoly over resurrections and all other necromancy
    • Does not want: The Harper Company gaining a foothold in Chult, Chult becoming anything more than a backwater, control of Chult for themselves, the Soulmonger destroyed.
    • Is currently: Sending veteran problem-solvers to solve the problem.

    The Merchant Princes
    "In my grandfather's time Port Nyanzaru was a few huts and a palisade, and now we'll be selling tej in Lankhmar and Corpathium by year's end. No more "dark continent", no more superstition, just the Princes' stamps on crates of fine Chultan goods."

    • Wants: To become a major player in the global market, to drag Chult kicking and screaming into the Century of the Fruitbat, to play with and then become one of the Big Boys, to get access to resurrection for the Princes.
    • Does not want: Monarchist movement to gain power, news of the undead plague or death curse to spread and make them look bad.
    • Is currently: Distracting the populace with dinosaur races and tej, trying to get a leg up on the Harper Company via corporate espionage.

    Liara Portyr and the Flaming Fist (A mercenary subsidiary of the Harper Company)
    "Fucking spear-chuckers need to learn who really runs the world."
    • Wants: To "pacify" and "civilize" Chult. To get filthy rich by looting the jungle and oppressing the locals.
    • Does not want: Interruptions of their making money, Chultans thinking that they should be in charge of their own country and lives.
    • Is currently: Putting pressure on the Princes via pirate-permissive patrol practices

    "When I'm queen, no one's going to tell me what to do. I don't need to be babied, I don't need protected - I will be queen and I will show everyone how things are supposed to be!"
    • Wants: To claim her rightful position as queen of Chult, to toss out the merchant Princes and the foreigners, to return Chult to an overly-idealized former glory.
    • Does not want: To remain hidden for much longer, to actually have to deal with the reality of governance.
    • Is currently: Biding her time in Kir Sabal with her brother, chomping at the bit.

    The common folk
    "Welcome to Chult: Home of the world's friendliest mosquitoes."
    • Wants: Food on the table, money in the bank, hot water, soft toilet paper, a new mosquito net, a good night's sleep, a brighter future.
    • Does not want: The curse to continue, to end up with someone's boot on their neck, to completely abandon who they are in exchange for the benefits of modernity.
    • Is currently: Feeding an undercurrent of worry beneath the new prosperity.

    The Yuan-ti
    "The apes learning to talk was entertaining at first, and quickly became less so."
    • Wants: To awaken the Night Serpent, to keep humans out of their jungle.
    • Does not want: Acererak to stay any longer, to be betrayed by Acerak, to admit that they know that Acererak is definitely going to betray them.
    • Is currently: Protecting the lost city of Omu, preparing for the return of the Night Serpent, preparing for a sudden but inevitable betrayal.

    • Wants: To feed souls to the Atropal, to cause widespread misery and suffering for his own amusement.
    • Does not want: The game to end, to have his wants challenged by anyone or anything.
    • Is currently: Overseeing the Soulmonger, planning future schemes, figuring out how to betray the Yuan-ti.


    Elbow Grease Point 3: Expanding the curse 


    In the module proper the Soulmonger captures all the souls of the dead, blocking resurrection or phylacterization. I can only presume that captured souls are stuck in a whirling torment of pain and misery as the Atropal devours them, but we can make it more horrible. This part was originally intended as a replacement for the death curse, but it works better as an addition to it.

    What if the Soulmonger wasn't just a trap for the souls of the dead, but one for the not-yet-living?

    [Aside] There was a fantasy full conversion mod for Civilization 4 called Fall From Heaven II. It was and still is fantastic. In it, the primary evil religion had a shrine they could build called "Stigmata on the Unborn". While the effect in that game was powering up your units depending according to how high the Apocalypse Counter is, I always imagined it as a method of attacking rival civ's population growth. So there's the inspiration for this.[/Aside]

    This effect of the death curse is still in nascent stages - we have not reached Children of Men stages yet, but the important thing is that the potential is there. The effects will spread, and gradually grow worse.

    Right now, people are worried. The last few months have been filled with deformities, defects, and miscarriages most common of all. The people know this; midwives talk, after all. The Merchant Princes and their representatives deny that anything is going on; this is not a conspiracy on their part, but the simple belief that curses are just local superstition, waiting to be driven out by their modern mercantile rationality. (Of course, being filthy rich means you can blunt many of the worst side effects of the curse, for the time being.)

    The reveal of this aspect of the curse should be a good OH SHIT moment for players. Not only because of the potential consequences, but for providing a moral quandary: destroying the Soulmonger ends the curse on the unborn (definitely a good thing), but further entrenches folk like the Red Wizards and the Harper Company in their power (not a good thing), thus permitting them to further meddle in the affairs of Chult to their own ends (definitely not a good thing). Beating the bad guy will not solve all your problems.

    Elbow Grease Point 4: The cosmic abortion in the room

    This guy reminds me of something. I just can't put my finger on it...



    It's on the tip of my tongue, I swear...

    Nope, can't think of it. It's probably nothing.


    You can't just put a cosmic abortion in the room and not deal with the fact that there's a cosmic abortion in the room, Wizards of the Coast!

    Elbow Grease Point 4: Dealing with the cosmic abortion in the room 


    Res minimus: Levels 5 and 6 of the Tomb should be a horrible nightmare fleshscape, as is befitting the title of this post. The giant undead fetus is right there, stone corridors aren't going to cut it any more.

    Res maximus: Acererak is the Atropal's father.

    Maybe he's the actual father, maybe he's only acting in loco parentis. Perhaps it was a divine miscarriage instead of a cosmic abortion. It doesn't matter: whatever you might come up with is better than "he found it on the Negative Energy Plane" and I don't want to ruin the image with explanations no one wants or needs.

    [Aside] The crazy thing is that this is practically in the book as-is: they just don't give it any focus. The height and weight of your guide are super important, I guess. [/Aside]

    The horrible beating heart in the middle of this campaign is that relationship. Acererak cares for the Atropal (by feeding it souls), but demonstrates a simultaneous and paradoxical apathy to it (he only appears after it has been killed, and certainly doesn't care about its state of torment). I doubt I need to spend much more time explaining how the psychopathic undead troll-DM is a really, really bad parent.

    Elbow Grease Point 5: Back to the beginning

    But the cool thing about that horrible beating heart (Finally! The end!) is that it calls back to Point 1:

    The only applicable difference between Acererak and the Red Wizards or Harper Company is time.

    Acererak has reached the point where wealth and power have fundamentally lost meaning to him because he will never run out of either - he can just build a new overly-elaborate death trap when the current project is winding down. The Red Wizards and the Harper Company aren't at that point yet, but are already stretching their abuse and exploitation muscles. The Merchant Princes aren't on the playing field just yet, but they will be if they have their way.

    There will be more Acereraks in time, and Chult is set to become an Atropal of its own. The older established generation exploiting the younger so that it decays before it has grown.

    Settings with commoditized resurrections aren't fun, kids. This is where you end up.

    Elbow Grease Point 6: A few ifs

    If the Soulmonger falls into the hands of the Red Wizards
    The curse will be lifted, but they will swiftly enforce a monopoly on resurrections and undeath. The Harper Company will be cannibalized and disbanded. The Merchant Princes will be prevented from ever getting their hands on resurrection services. Chult's dawning golden age stalls out.

    If the Harpers remain a major power in Chult
    The Merchant Princes will be bought out - never officially, but lopsided trade agreements and crooked distribution rights (in exchange for resurrecting the leadership) will see the Princes become yet another (fantastically wealthy) subsidiary of the Harpers. The Burning Fist will become the boot stomping down on the Chultan neck. Chult will be exploited to the last acre, and by the time the people realize that they've been had, an independence movement will become much more difficult.

    If Mwaxinare reclaims her throne
    She will find herself surrounded by enemies on all sides and with next to no allies, vastly outmatched in resources, guile, and governing ability. An agreement might be made with the Merchant Princes or another faction, but she has no power of her own beyond lingering cultural significance. She courts disaster.

    If the Soulmonger is used by the party
    Difficult, but possible with a powerful enough necromancer. The scope of the curse can be modified with the device - for example, the curse on the unborn might be lifted, while the ban against resurrection might remain. Souls passing to the afterlife might be trapped en masse, individually, or set free.

    You can, of course, utterly destroy both the Harper Company and the Red Wizards. Not fast enough that they won't retaliate, mind. You'll also need the cooperation of the Yuan-Ti, or their removal from the premises.

    The the Soulmonger is allowed to continue its business unchanged
    The curse on the unborn will spread outwards from Chult. Within a few months there will be more deaths than live births. In a year's time, there will be no live births at all.Within five years, the entire hemisphere will be effected.

    If the above, and the Atropal is dead
    After nine years, when the curse has spread across the entire world, the Soulmonger will finally contain enough souls to summon the Night Serpent. It will rush out like a black river from the gulfs between the stars, devour the offering, and usher in a second age of the serpent.

    If the above, and the Atropal lives
    If the Soulmonger is still active, the Atropal will be born into divinity in 280 days. A maelstrom of pain and hate and fear will burst forth from the deepest jungles of Chult, obliterating the Soulmonger, the Tomb, and the lost city of Omu. Most of the country's population goes mad instanteously from the initial wave of psychic torment. Everything that dies, down to bacteria, will be raised as undead. The jungle will become a landscape of perpetual rot.

    If something else happens
    You're clever folk, I'm sure you'll think of something

    Friday, October 20, 2017

    1d100 Biblical Events and Aesthetics

    "Abraham and Isaac" by Harold Copping
    1. Descendants of cursed wasteland wanderer learn the secret of metallurgy.
    2. A vast, rotting ship stuck on top of a mountain, filled with the carcasses of each known species of animal and many more unknown.
    3. 90 year old woman gives birth.
    4. Holy order banned from eating grapes, cutting hair, or being within presence of the dead, in exchange for super-strength.
    5. A divine wager is made on how much suffering a single man can undergo.
    6. Infant bastard-prince dies after a week of incredible pain.
    7. The king calls for a census; tens of thousands struck down by plague in divine retaliation. Census was divinely ordered in the first place.
    8. Talking donkey gives good advice to bad people.
    9. Towns annihilated. Women and boys put to the sword. Girls raped. God does nothing.
    10. Bald man summons bears to attack local punks.
    11. Writer upgrades local lake to impressive sea; pilgrims disappointed.
    12. Rival priesthoods constantly attempting to undermine each other while writing down oral history.
    13. Man curses tree for not producing fruit out of season.
    14. Tongues of flame granting Comprehend Languages.
    15. Morbidly obese king forgets that some people are left-handed; dies due to oversight.
    16. Manipulative queen thrown out of upper story window; stray dogs rejoice.
    17. Intensely claustrophobic cosmology; world is technically underwater and there is no surface.
    18. Three friends thrown in furnace over dispute; chocolate rabbit possibly involved.
    19. Scribe painstakingly calculates symbolic numerology; effort is lost upon the general readership.
    20. Shepherds tending flocks by night terrified and confused by angelic flash-mob.
    21. King goes mad, acts like feral animal, eats grass like a cow.
    22. Man watches entire family die. Later replaced by new, living family as consolation prize.
    23. Misprint commands adultery.
    24. Iron chariots prove remarkable resistant to divine interference, reasons unknown.
    25. Man offers daughters to be raped by mob; is later raped by both daughters. Union begets unpleasant rival tribes.
    26. Woman achieves MAXIMUM SALTINESS.
    27. Woman instructs son on the importance of having enough alcohol at a party.
    28. Smear campaign against agriculturalists.
    29. Confused whale press-ganged into transporting equally-confused prophet.
    30. Man brought back from the dead; Narrative elision prevents anyone from knowing details.
    31. Boy sold into slavery by brothers due to being a smartass. Wins freedom and becomes king of foreign land, due to being a smartass.
    32. Man instructed to kill son. Is way too enthusiastic about the whole thing, has to be told it was a joke.
    33. Divine compact sealed by barbecue.
    34. Once there was a secret chord, that David played and it pleased the Lord – but you don’t really care for music, do you?
    35. Giant wheels of with gigantic fiery eyebrows inspire bestselling novel series.
    36. Divine consort gaslit out of canon.
    37. Legions of quails descend upon the people, shit on everything.
    38. People unquestioningly believe talking snake.
    39. Tribesfolk gets lost in desert, try to make it seem a lot more impressive than it actually was.
    40. Local woman blamed for everything bad ever.
    41. Group of brothers lead revolt against imperial colonizers.
    42. Moneylenders chased out of temple by wander, whip-wielding preacher.
    43. Teenage mother finds uninvited foreign kings on doorstep.
    44. Mighty warrior collects foreskins of dead foes as trophies.
    45. Lion carcass used as apiary.
    46. Short man climbs tree, gets stuck.
    47. Plagiarist Pauls plague people’s perceptions.
    48. Gigantic tower sits in a distant land, half-constructed. Contains traces of the universal language.
    49. Man sells inheritance for bowl of stew.
    50. Immortal priest king shows up, never explains himself.
    51. Man struck dead for pulling out while having sex with his dead brother’s wife.
    52. Man sees his father naked and drunk, all his descendants are cursed. No one can figure out what happened.
    53. Snake epidemic leads to temporary adoption of serpent cult.
    54. New census techniques disrupt local economy by making everyone move back to their ancestral home.
    55. Scribes can’t figure out a single backstory; everyone involved has been dead for centuries, narrative reigns.
    56. Oppressive emperor named only by numeric cipher.
    57. Removal of sins through the eating of coals.
    58. A prophet’s head served to a princess on a platter.
    59. Theophagy emerges, becomes very popular distressingly fast.
    60. Oracle declared against chief prince of a distant northern nation, stating that they will be incited to war by God, and then struck down by God for being warlike; no one can figure out who the oracle is talking about but he really hates those guys.
    61. All things are vanity: What has been, that will be, what has been done, that will be done. Nothing is new under the sun.
    62. Reproduction considered disqualification for resurrection.
    63. Widow and her maid play as false double agents for invading army, become confidants of enemy general, and cut off his head in the middle of the night.
    64. Editor dead: suicide claimed, murder suspected.
    65. Compiler working 200 years after the events described throws in single line complaining about something unrelated, confusing people even further.
    66. Cattle-rustling brothers overthrow prevailing chronology by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    67. Colonial overseers get excessively tired of all this shit, amp up the oppression.
    68. Temple priesthood, now-extinct, is remembered primarily by a pun on their name that only works in a language developed centuries later and thousands of miles away.
    69. Minor differences in neighboring culture groups lead to centuries of bloodshed despite sharing nearly everything else.
    70. Competing wizards try to out-do each other by sending bigger plagues on the populace; king unfazed by the catastrophic mass death of his subjects.
    71. Intentional mistranslations of holy book made to placate literalists desiring consistent canon.
    72. Account of ancient events switches to a different author writing at a different time to a different end in a different genre midway through a paragraph.
    73. Virgin mother-to-be with morning sickness realizes that she’s got six more months to go and didn’t even get to have sex first.
    74. Demons commit suicide upon possessing pigs, out of presumed hatred for all pork products.
    75. Book about a guy hanging out with metal-as-hell angels declared apocryphal for being too radical.
    76. Incredibly boring family chronicle of ancient tribes weaponized by unruly theology students.
    77. Nationalist origin-narrative is way too positive about the eradication of the people who were actually living there.
    78. Anti-authoritarian political narrative couched in esoteric symbolism; author forgets to add footnotes.
    79. King refuses to completely genocide vanquished foe and settles for only mostly-genociding them and keeping some of the livestock. Stripped of crown and throne in divine retaliation.
    80. General and pervasive hatred of women.
    81. Shellfish, mixed fabrics, homosexuality banned: local gay bars sell killer oysters and really nice wool-linen blends.
    82. Sun just stops and hangs there at noon for a while for military convenience.
    83. Military band brings the house down in all literal senses of the phrase.
    84. King introduces wheeled bull idol that runs on human sacrifice; confused as to why people think he’s crazy.
    85. Prophet challenges rival prophets to prophet-off; loser is set on fire.
    86. Spies return with figs the size of small cows.
    87. Court necro-witch raises spirit of prophet to provide advice; ghost is not having any of that shit.
    88. Heavily armored giant learns not to underestimate shepherds who understand ballistics.
    89. Vizier’s niece marries king, prevents pogrom.
    90. Man discovers that he was a cat person all along.
    91. Man wrestles with angel, doesn’t realize kayfabe was in effect.
    92. Philosopher king binds demon, realizes that having that many wives is a problem.
    93. Rogue prince stuck hanging from a tree by his hair.
    94. Giving birth to a girl is twice as unclean as a boy.
    95. Daily cereal offering dictated: priests unsure as to whether God prefers Frosted Flakes or Lucky Charms.
    96. Seven-year-old is made king, wants to rebuild temple; does a decent job at it.
    97. Holy city sacked, people taken into exile.
    98. Wildman brought food by ravens and angels.
    99. Angel kills 185,000 soldiers overnight. General goes home, is murdered by his sons.
    100. Goats get unfair rap, sheep given undeserved praise.

    "The Presentation in the Temple" by Jorge Sanchez Fernandez

    Thursday, October 19, 2017

    1d20 Hordes of Monstrous Humanoids

    From Blood Bowl 2

    1. The last homo diluvii striking out in desperate, futile raids against the dominance of homo sapiens. They cannot fully comprehend what is happening to them.
    2. Creatures born of battlefield mud under a full moon, wearing tattered armor and wielding rusted blades. Marching songs like dirges on the riverbanks.
    3. Wild pigs that gained a taste for man’s flesh, and with it, a taste of man’s power. They have learned cruelty for its own sake.
    4. Eugenic eunuchs, educated by the finest imperial tutors and refined by years of courtly training. Their legions keep impeccable records of the dead and tallies of the maimed, to be discussed over immaculate tea ceremonies.
    5. An ancient army of men reduced to pallid corpse-eaters. They were cursed to wage their war forever by the wizard they cast down from his keep.
    6. Fleshy-faced hirsutes from the deep jungles. They do not wish to shed blood, but they know they must; if they did not, their gods would lack the vital essence required to fight off the serpents from beyond the stars that seek to devour all the world.
    7. Television heads, filled with static and shriveled and seizing black worms.
    8. Humans with a variant strain of toxoplasmosis guiding their sword-hands. They worship cats, and sacrifice their fellow man in exchange for feline favor. The cats know this, and approve of it.
    9. Men changed utterly under the open sky of the tundra. They have carved out chunks of their own frontal lobes; Only by returning to apes, they believe, may we save the world from the decadence of civilization.
    10. Red chitin armor, jaws that split into a dozen toothy fingers, black eyes the size of fists, weapons that shoot streams of fire. Anachronistic and illogical, the result of someone in the future changing the past.
    11. Skin like a raw bruise, great vents spitting steam, misshapen limbs out of alignment. Born psychically from anger and hate.
    12. Demons like harlequins, or the other way around. Herds cavort across the savanna alongside their elephantine brood-mothers.
    13. Obsidian bodies, bladelike and ever-fracturing. Mute beyond a distant thrum. They just want to give you a hug and tell you everything is going to be okay. They will not be dissuaded.
    14. Disenfranchised youth, radicalized salarymen, sportsball hooligans.
    15. Iron-masked men descending from floating castles. Can only seem to communicate through grunts and screams. Wear fine gold and blue silks and wield silver swords.
    16. Wasteland mutants, radioactive oozes leaking from deformed bodies. They are willing to trade for resources, but they won’t take no to an answer. Survival trumps diplomacy.
    17. Yellow-green skin pulled too tight over their bones, moving in reverse time: running backwards at you at full speed, coming from a destination they must reach with all haste.
    18. Biological war machine, the castaway of an interstellar war. Builders long dead, keeps building soldiers, can’t turn itself off.
    19. Giant, tusked hermaphrodites with pangolin shells. March under white flags. Will not fight, will just stamp in and take what they want.
    20. Bull-footed, eagle-winged, lion-maned, man-faced. Fire-wreathed soldiers sent to cull the sinful. Gods are confused, no one asked for this.