Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Practical Space Mapping

Hex Kit!

This was made using my EE-based route-layer, planet tags, and names & types

Yellow Polity


Superterrestrial Arid Martian (Polity Capital, Trading Hub)
  • Building blocks of organic life found in surviving aquifers.
  • High axial tilt leads to extreme seasonal temperature fluctuations.
  • Citizenship software is lootpass-based.
  • Slow Road route to Carcosa
  • Swift route to an unclaimed system.

Green Polity


Watery Martian World (Polity Capital, Independent Colony) 
  • Majority population of uplifted octopi and squid.
  • Economic and social conditions steadily getting worse over last half century.
  • The revolution has come, hopefully not too late.
  • Slow Road to Kubaba.
  • Variable Speed route to unclaimed system.

Red Polity


Rocky Superterrestrial (Polity Capital, Major Colony) 
  • Extensive android rights
  • Thick atmosphere is incredibly toxic.
  • Ruling C-Level has both martyr and god complex.
  • Standard route to an unclaimed system
  • Instant Transmission to Zagreus
  • Lightspeed route to Goalposts


Molten Terrestrial (Economic Boom)
  • Original colony abandoned, reclaimed later.
  • Smartpets current fashion, even among working class.
  • Asymmetric fashion common due to omnipresent surveillance tech.
  • Instant Transmission to Dvaraka.
  • Instant Transmission to Sehkmet.
  • Collapsed route to Ambergris.


Hot Neptune (Travel Hub)
  • Primary settlement has particularly high gravity for a moon of its size.
  • Red Death epidemic sweeping through colony.
  • Citizenship software runs on an RPG basis.
  • Instant Transmission to Zagreus.
  • Standard route to Ambergris.
  • Lightspeed route to Goalposts.


Titanian Superterran (Marginal world)
  • Sun flares regularly - distance, strong magnetism, and thick atmosphere protect against.
  • Autarchic commonwealth.
  • Recent crisis of entire colony experiencing three minutes of brain death.
  • Standard route to Sehkmet.
  • Decaying route to unclaimed system.

Blue Polity


Exotic (Chlorine) Gaian (Polity Capital, Independent Colony) 
  • Often mocked for perceived backwards culture.
  • Often respected for locals' ability to weather crisis situations.
  • Trade deal with Red Polity fell through.
  • Lightspeed route to Dvaraka.
  • Lightspeed route to Sehkmet.
  • Slow Road to Nessus.


Greenhouse Gaian (Blue / Purple Disputed Territory)
  • Infamous for unwelcoming, hostile architecture.
  • Major meteor impact <10,000 years perviously.
  • Colony currently being taken down for ritual rebuilding.
  • Slow Road to Goalposts
  • Lightspeed route to Oliphaunt
  • Exit point of inaccurate route from Malina.

Purple Polity


Cold Neptunian (Major Colony, Polity Capital)
  • Open warfare with Blue Polity
  • Closed borders, even to other Purple Polity citizens.
  • Cambion births via neogenic surrogate fathers in fashion with nobility.
  • Inaccurate route to Oliphaunt and Nessus.
  • Inaccurate route to Algedonia and Caravan.


Gaian terrestrial (High Water, Purple / Blue Disputed Territory)
  • Home of famous monastic order.
  • Major xenopaleontology dig underway on southern continent.
  • Political upheaval, as normally Purple-aligned factions switch to Blue Polity.
  • Lightspeed connection to Nessus.
  • Inaccurate connection to Malina and Algedonia


Ice-rock Dwarf (Minor Colony)
  • Unexplored surface
  • Orbital habitats run dreamworld simulation for colonists.
  • Recently hit with Voynich virus, all is chaos.
  • Inaccurate route to Malina and Oliphaunt.
  • Instant transmission to Caravan.



Gaian Terrestrial (Mid Water, alien homeworld)
  • Paleolithic alien species.
  • Conflict between Red and Purple over contact rights.


  1. This looks perfect for running a quick moving planet hopping game. Love the look of the map too.

  2. Heck yeah, love your sci-fi content. You're currently the only blog on my feed posting sci-fi stuff consistently so it's always a treat.

    Speaking of, Ive been recently using FRIEND in my sci-fi game, and I'm kinda running low on ideas for how to use him. Any chance of a table of FRIEND MISSIONs (and what goes wrong on them)? You've got a knack for disquieting sci-fi situations.